Top 5 Wednesday: Reading Goals for 2018!

Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday! This week’s topic is our reading resolutions, so I have 5 goals to share with you! They’re in no particular order. Let me know some of your reading goals!

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5. To Read 200 Books

Pretty self-explanatory. I read 220 books total last year, and I want to aim for another 200 this year!


4. Participate in more online book clubs and buddy reads

I don’t have a lot of friends who read, but I do have a lot of friends in the online book community, so I want to participate in more goodreads groups and buddy reads! Reading is a solitary activity, but I would love to share that with others!


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3. Review every book I read

This does not necessarily mean writing an in-depth review on my blog, but I at least want to write out my feelings on goodreads or in my reading journal for every book I read. I also do want to write more reviews on my blog!


2. Read More Diversely-Specifically Fantasy Books Set Outside the Western World

For a black, asexual woman, I sure do read a lot of straight, white books. I want to reach out more, especially in genres I already read!


1. To Only Read What I Want!

This seems obvious, but I read a LOT of YA/popular books that I really don’t have any interest in just because everyone around me is talking about them. This year, I’ll only read those if I’m genuinely interested!

Thanks for reading!

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